3 ways to prep your hair for protective style


I love protective hairstyles, especially with braids/extensions. My go-to protective hairstyle for the winter months are single braids with Marley Braids. I use Marley Braids (a lot) to do mainly short and long medium-size two-strand twists, chunky twists/Havana Style and cornrows. When I’m not going coo coo for Marley Braids, I use X-pression braiding hair. Those are my two go-to braiding hair brands. I tend to keep my braids in for three to four months. That is perfect enough time to give my hair a break from combing and styling and help it grow. But before I put my hair in a protective hairstyle for such a long period of time, I make sure my hair is well cared for and gets all the nutrients it needs before it goes into hiding.

My routine is simple, and I never miss it whenever I install a new protective style.

  1. Clarify


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