Tutorial: Two-Strand Flat Twists

The Honest Strand

dry-styled two-strand twists This is an example of dry-styled flat twists.

Two-strand flat twists was the first hair styles I learned when I first went natural years ago. It’s also one of the easiest to master. It helps if you understand the basic concept of doing a french braid, though you don’t have to be any good at them to get decent two-strand flat twists.

Optimal hair length: short, long and everything in between

This style can be done on any length of hair, as long as you’ve got enough to twist. For short hair, it adds interest to an otherwise garden variety afro. For longer hair, the finished style can look like looser waves.

Essentially, you’ll need:

foamy rollers Foamy rollers

  • Moisturizer. If I’m styling my hair while wet (like on wash day), I’ll use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner.  If I’m styling my hair while dry, I’ll use a spray-on moisturizer.
  • Plastic clips to…

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