Naturalista Self Confidence: Feeling Empowered

Have you found that sometimes you feel like your life is  spinning out of control. You look at someone else and its like their life is going so well and you’re there  just struggling to make it day by day. I was just like that; I would look at my friends and wonder why was their life so perfect, no matter how much i would struggle they always had it easier and better than i did. So i went of some soul searching and gain knowledge and confidence. I call is Naturalista Self Confidence: Feeling Empowered. Why you ask; its all because one the obvious I’m natural, but after my soul searching I felt sooo amazing.

We all want to be that confident women walking down the street with a luscious puff, or defined curls and her head held high! But first we have to have our self in order if you are not healthy, how do you expect your hair or skin or even aspects of your life to be!?! You have to get your self together, get your business together, get your health together. It will surprise you on how much better you will feel about yourself.

Beauty is much more than what meets the eye, its how you conduct yourself among people, how you handle your business. Its about loving yourself! Once you display all of these things you will everyone will admire your beauty and how independent you are!

I’m going to share a few steps my Mother shared with me. All these things makes you a successful, independent, beautiful woman!

Step One: Have a plan!
Having a plan helps you to attain the goals you always had rotating in your mind. Write out where you want to be, mentally, spiritually, and physically. You will be surprised how taking those things from your mind and onto paper will help you to feel lighter and you will be able to focus on a lot of other things.

Step Two: Implement Plan!
Start with one point and then increase as you feel comfortable with it. Doing to much at one time can confuse you or create any pressure or stress that is trying to be avoided.

Step Three: Follow Through
No matter how hard things get , or how things may feel you keep pushing through because you know that before morning comes night! You have to endure the roughest and toughest times to enjoy the luxurious life! Failure is only a recipe for success, it creates this drive that urges you to go and get it.

Step Four: Identify Success
Once you have cleared one of your goals, celebrate it. Enjoy a glass of wine or shopping but don’t get so caught up that you forget the rest of your list!

An Finally: Enjoy Life!
Don’t forget that you have to enjoy your life and live your life, its okay if you go off track you may find another goal but the main thing is to enjoy you embrace you love you! All of you. Don’t ever let anyone, including yourself speak down on you. No ones opinion matters unless they are Feeding, giving you money or in your love life! An sometimes the ones doing the three F’s are the ones that need to be cut off. Not everyone in your life means you well, some never want to see you succeed.

Ps. In life you will find that on your Quest of being a better you, you will lose some friends and gain new ones. You have to be able to filter who is really there for you!

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