Daily life in the sweetest city

The Local One

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1 an everyday sight on my way to work

I live in one of the small cities in the central part of the  Philippines…Victorias City.

It is the sweetest city because aside from its vast sugarcane plantation, it is where the once largest manufacturer of raw sugar in Asia is located. Why it was “once” because in the mid 90’s the company experienced it’s major downfall. It took them many years to rise again from that fall.

IMG_20150217_063200-1 i love sunrise and the morning breeze. It makes my morning walk enjoyable.

2 the road going to market.

Life here is slow paced. It’s not because people here are lazy, but because people have more time to appreciate and experience things, like leisure walks in the morning before work (my form of exercise), enjoying pleasantries with neighbors, and not to mention less traffic and almost zero crime incidents.

Aside from…

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