New Fitness Fad

Simply Camden

There are always new fitness ideas and classes popping up all the time and I recently experienced a new one. After perusing Groupon, I found a deal for an Aerial Yoga class. That’s right aerial yoga. I had never heard of it before, but the photos and descriptions really caught my attention.


Aerial Yoga is a new type of yoga that uses a fabric hammock, sometimes called a yoga swing, as a tool to help students achieve the traditional Yoga positions. I immediately signed up at Aerial Yoga Houston and went to my first class.


The room is a little daunting at first, with hammocks hanging from the ceiling and I honestly felt like I was about to learn how to become a trapeze artist. The instructor was wonderful in teaching us how to do great arm, ab, and leg workouts using the yoga hammock. By the end of the class we were fully using the…

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