The Way You Yoga


Rebekah Smith Yoga

Elephant Trunk

My yoga is for my mental clarity, my forward vision, my inner equanimity, and my self-realization. Asana practice pushes me to face certain known and unknown fears, through squarely meeting them head on in the intensity of the present moment. Meditation gives me a mark to gauge my truthfulness and clarity of thought by. Reading and study broadens my knowledge, my perspective on what I think I know, which is in fact, very little at all. Prayer draws me in deeper to the Living God that I owe my whole being to. Learning reminds me that I am ever a student. There is no end to what I may learn if I remain alert. Humility is the broad brush of wisdom’s hand that creates a life of beauty, purity, newness and child-like simplicity. I yoga for the adventure of walking closer to God, knowing less about “myself”, experiencing more of who…

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