Truth About Life 

Just recently I lost someone near and dear to me. While his passing still aches in my body, I remember how strong he was. He put up with so much for so long. He was a cancer fighter. The truth is it was hard for me to watch the cancer take over him the way it did, it was very unfortunate. I did everything to make his stay here comfortable. Many days it was rough and I cried but on others I prayed that he would leave peacefully. 

When I got the call telling me my grand father had past I was hurt so deeply. But I had to remember he lived a full life, he was now at peace and could finally sleep with no pain. We are never ready for a loved one to go but we ,use accept life as it comes and goes. You never know when it can be your time! You can come today and leave today.

With saying that you have to make something of yourself, do doe,thing so that you could be remembered by the people that love you! Do things that will  ale you happy about the way you live. Life a healthy and respectful life! Just do not forget to have fun, find love and have success. It’s sometimes easier said than done but a lot of people wish that they could have and said they would have, don’t be like that step forth and just do it! Live a life of no regrets just lessons! 

Nothing beats a try than a fail, in other word step out be courageous and just do it! Don’t hold back we have one life and one life only. Many opportunities don’t come back twice! 



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