Growing Up

Growing up I could always remember wanting to be an adult and just being able to override my parents decisions. But as a grew older I realized that there is more to being an adult that be legal to drink and go clubbing. It was about the responsibilities; most of which I knew I wasn’t ready for.

I’m now 20 going on 21 and I am still getting the hang of the many responsibilities that I have to take on. Paying on the bills ( on time), holding down a serious job, learning how to really deal with the different personalities in the world. Saving money and spending wisely; you can’t go running to mummy and daddy saying hey can I have this amount! No more of that it’s no longer their problem!

Then its getting an education; which to me is the most important things to me right now! I’m currently studying Psychology but as you advance into your education you then think will this degree be useful? Can I make a great living off of my degree? Is there a demand for persons in the field I wish to pursue? What is my back up plan? After think of all these things I then found that teaching is something I enjoy so I now going to switch my major and do education. Also i have a trade, which i’m developing on.

In this world you must be able to do more than one thing you will learn as you grow that you must be skilled in various areas! Yes you have your degree but do you have a trade, in high school or even under our parents we are so use to them saying you need an education you need your diploma you need your degree; but did you know many jobs today are also looking for skills? You must be able to use what you know and be quick on your feet! We always wonder how is it that they persons who didn’t do so well in high school come out with some of the best jobs; its because they have skill! They were trained in those areas and learned!

In saying all of this; I’m sharing with you a few things I learned for the past year developing as a young woman. Being an adult is more than what meets the eye! You have to set goals and be much more responsible you can not continue to sponge off of your parents ; if you do you will never know how to do for yourself; and for me I step out on faith, I ask God to guide me along my path and show me the life he has already planned and prepared for me. An I act on it, I want to ensure that when I retire I owe no one nothing.


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