Over coming 

When you do what is right for yourself there will always be people to work against you. The devil will always try to knock you off your feet at your weakest point. He will turn friends into enemies and enemies in to so called friends! He will come between marriages, relationships and families.

He will use your weaknesses as a leverage for you to fall in your face and give into living for the flesh and flesh alone. He will make an attempt to remove any hope or faith that you had in God! He will make what seems so wrong to be so right an he will continue to put someone in the way of what is suppose to be happiness and make you feel like it’s right; he will bring out all temptations and open easy doors for you to walk through! 
My friends life isn’t easy we all make mistakes! When you keep that faith in God yes you will fall you will breakdown and cry! You may even fall by the way side but when you get up and apply the word of God to your life you filter the good friends from the bad! You will find that God will hold your hand through every temptation every situation every heartache! And never forget He knows our plans before we even know it ourselves out your trust and faith in him; lay your problems at his feet and continue to live!


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