Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, Value Yourself & Always Choose You

I’m so tired of seeing men and women put themselves through emotional stress. I know that we all believe that people can change; however that’s not your decision to make for them. We all have our bad habits, some can be shaken easily, others not so much. You see the longer you stay with an unfaithful person and have knowledge of it, they get comfortable and they know you aren’t going anywhere. A liar is a liar, they can not be trusted and without trust, there isn’t a relationship. People who use others for personal gain are only concerned about themselves and never you.

There is no use you put yourself through it and drag on a relationship where you are not respected. Just walk away and I promise you that when you walk away, you will look back and you will be amazed at how held back you were. You see the longer you stay with someone that isn’t equally yoked to you the longer you hold yourself back from growth, as well as finding the person that is actually worth your time. You are to never stress over someone, because if they are cheating on you and saying they love you, that’s a lie. If they are lying to you constantly and there isn’t any trust, there is no relationship. If they are using you for personal gains you are nothing but an object to them.

My advice to someone who is in a relationship where you are not respected or treated fairly or maybe even abuse. First ask yourself is this worth it, am I only worth what they are giving me. Look at yourself in the mirror and encourage yourself. Remember that you are so smart and that you were placed on this earth for a reason. NO ONE should ever make you feel less of yourself. You should never lower your standard for anyone.

Secondly leave, leave and build yourself back up. Take time off from dating and actually understand yourself, learn to love being alone. Learn to admire the person who looks back at you in the mirror, and if you have children be an awesome parent. Be there for your child/ children build that relationship with them.

Lastly, once you feel secure in yourself and you feel ready then go out and have fun. Never in the intention of looking for a partner but just to socialize, you find that you find love in the strangest places and times.



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