Over coming 

When you do what is right for yourself there will always be people to work against you. The devil will always try to knock you off your feet at your weakest point. He will turn friends into enemies and enemies in to so called friends! He will come between marriages, relationships and families.

He will use your weaknesses as a leverage for you to fall in your face and give into living for the flesh and flesh alone. He will make an attempt to remove any hope or faith that you had in God! He will make what seems so wrong to be so right an he will continue to put someone in the way of what is suppose to be happiness and make you feel like it’s right; he will bring out all temptations and open easy doors for you to walk through! 
My friends life isn’t easy we all make mistakes! When you keep that faith in God yes you will fall you will breakdown and cry! You may even fall by the way side but when you get up and apply the word of God to your life you filter the good friends from the bad! You will find that God will hold your hand through every temptation every situation every heartache! And never forget He knows our plans before we even know it ourselves out your trust and faith in him; lay your problems at his feet and continue to live!


Transform your Mane Tuesday: Jane Carter Solution

The Jane Carter Solution is a line that I personally love! It leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft! I love it and below of course like before ill drop some videos !

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Transform your Hair Tuesdays: Kinky Curly

The Kinky Curly line is great for wash and go looks and leaves your hair looking healthy and vibrant !

What do you think?

I posted a few youtube videos showing how the products are used the last video is the product owner showing how it is to be used


Transform Your Hair Tuesday: Entwine Couture

The Entwine Couture System, as gotten great reviews by our costumers that have used it. The Entwine Couture, tames frizz, and it great with enhancing moisture in your hair! Its amazing for Bantu Knots and Twist outs!!

DSCF2846 DSCF2848

The Travel Size and the Regular size system!

Confidence : Make Your Face Monday!

I want your feed back !!

Good Morning I’m giving some hair inspiration this morning! A while back a young girl had spoken out against her school in the United States of America. Her school had told her that she couldn’t wear her natural hair she had to relax it, that it was a distraction to the other children!

Ladies, today in society a lot of people turn to the relaxer because it’s hard to deal with their natural hair and sometimes people relax because it’s all they know. I’m not knocking the relaxer because at one point I to was relaxed!

However, I always believed that having natural or relaxed hair was a choice, you have to be comfortable with your self! You are not your hair your hair does not make you! Your hair is simply and accent to your beauty! Although it is sad that people look down or up at you just because of your hair the harsh reality is one day you may not have hair, but will your confidence of loving yourself still be there?

What do you think? Is your hair your confidence or is it something that lays within?

Do you  think people relay on their hair to much and make their hair a big deal?

Do you think society has given us an image that confidence comes from the outside and works its way in??

I want your feed back tell me how you feel about this post!

How to wrap your hair! : Feel Free Fridays

So a lot of people have been interested in how I do my head wraps! So I used one of my friends as well as co-worker to show how I do the wraps. I showed three different styles you could do.. Feel free to leave comments !

HeadScarf.jpg Headwrapback.jpg style4.jpg